Hi, I'm
Tomi Abe

My interests and passions are varied, and they make up a large part of who I am today. I enjoy surfing the web, exploring stuff, writing, pushing pixels, drawing (sometimes), learning about technology, making art, meeting people, visiting places, and taking photos when I can.

I work as a multidisciplinary designer and creative developer which simply means I’m pretty good in multiple areas of design, and I’d rather use technology to find expression than just the usual problem solving.


I'm curious about life. I believe the essense of life is to live for a purpose bigger than myself. I strongly follow the ideology that I am not just my work, so I try to make my life as meaningful as possible. I'm also intrigued by idea of love, giving, service, accountability, gratitude, recreation, and reproduction.


I'm a Senior Designer at Longbridge where I work on B2B/B2C digital products and services for local and int'l clients. I also run Creative Direction at TC Labs executing innovative branding, digital and experimental projects - fusing art and novel tech. View my entire work history on LinkedIn.


I've been using my skills, gifts, talents and resources to support causes that are important to me. I'm currently on platforms like Reach Volunteering, United Nations Volunteers, Catchafire, and Open Source Design. I used to design for my local church and RFTS Foundation. I've also contributed to a couple of products as a Beta Tester.


Although I'm self-thought, I recently explored creative technology at UWE for a master's program. Projects executed during this time can be found here. I also read computer science for my bachelors at CU'15. Asides all these, I still take on independent studies to broaden my knowledge or explore something new.

Useful Links

I'm quite active on the socials. You'll find me thinking out loud on Twitter, sharing experiences on Instagram and connecting with industry professionals on Linkedin.

I've been collating and building a massive archive of my work from 2013 - date. It will be up soon.

I like to capture stuff. You'll find me hosting them here or on my VSCO. I've read quite a number of books, they will be listed on my shelf.

I have a journal where I document bits of my life and I've been pretty consistent. I run a few tumblr blogs such as WebHunt, Alphabetics, I/O, PolyLab, etc.

I also plan on building a platform to help promote conscious living. More details soon.

Lastly, I'm open to new engagements, so if you'll like to involve me - you can send an email.

Hope you had a good read? :)

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